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I am a creative and visionary award-winning film director with years of experience directing short films and music videos, and working primarily with independent artists.

Throughout the last 8 years, I have been working on various projects including live events. My experience includes not only directing but also producing, camera operating, lighting, sound, scriptwriting, and editing.




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Selah Theatre

Working with Yana was wonderful - she was always prompt and professional, and her creative eye was spot on. She caught our vision, gave brilliant suggestions when asked, and worked hard to produce a fantastic result which was just what we were looking for. I would 100% work with her again, and would recommend her for any filming project.

Oliver Wills Actor

Yana is a producer who goes the extra mile: She has manufactured props in record time and engaged generously in audience participation for the benefit of the cast and indeed the performance. I would recommend her to any production.

Jason Welch 1st A.D./cam opp

Yana is a positive and resourceful team member, with careful hands and a varied skill set. Her technical skills are good and always growing while her attitude is a great addition to a crew.

Adrian Gawell Actor

I worked with Yana on a music video shoot a while back. I was impressed with her ability to manage the shoot and all the crew, keeping everything running smooth and keeping the client happy at the same time. Her job would have normally been done by 3 people! I've got a few more projects lined up with Yana and looking forward to future collaborations.

Hilary Barnes Actor

I was lucky enough to be involved in a production with Yana at The London Theatre, New Cross. I felt privileged to witness her vast experience and artistic understanding and was personally interested in her films which to me were really inspirational and beautiful. She brought life, colour and theatre to the project. This woman has creativity flowing through her veins.

Tony Mitsinga Videographer, Video Editor, Screenwriter

I've worked with Yana on a few productions. I'd describe her as passionate, creative, hard working and a great innovator. Yana has the ability to see the big picture and manage a production to accomplish the director's vision, while delivering a reassuring confidence and an admirable initiative.

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