Yana Ivantcheva is a creative and visionary award-winning film director with years of experience directing short films and music videos, and working primarily with independent artists. Passionate about the world of images she is always ready to handle a team of creatives to achieve a great result with the freedom to show her storytelling and excite audiences by creating authentic cinematic images.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, I spend there my first 19 years of my life. Having a variety of creative interests like dance, clothing design, and many more, I spend most of my time as a child watching cartoons and drawing. I found myself constantly dreaming and daydreaming, imagining places, people, stories, and battling reality by losing myself in this parallel realm of imaginary. Soon I channeled this into writing stories and scripts, and with the years I found out that the only way to make her imagination come to life is through film. At the age of 19, I moved to Stirling, Scotland where I studied at the University of Stirling and I did an Erasmus year at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, after which I graduated with a degree in Global Cinema.

With a keen eye for detail, excel at professional camera movement, frame composition, editing, lighting, set design, and script work, I have the ability to visualize the finished project with a clarity of vision. I am passionate about managing multiple projects from concept development through execution and delivery while meeting all budget and schedule requirements.

Throughout my career, I had been working on various projects from live events and shorts to features and music videos. My expertise in writing and directing doesn’t limit me from working on producing, camera operating, lighting, sound, and editing. During my professional life I had handled successful films like Under The Skin (documentary, 2014)- winner at Scottish Students Royal Television Society (2015) in categories Best Factual and Best Edit, with two Awards of Merit for Women Filmmakers and Viewers Impact/Message Delivery at Best Shorts Competition, 2020; It’s A Girl! (psychological drama, 2021)- screened at Sofia Pride Film Festival, with awards for Best Director (Golden Wheat Awards, 2021), Best European Women Director (Continental Film Awards, 2021) and Jury Special Selection (The Gladiator Film Festival, 2021) ; Conversation ( comedy-drama, 2021) finalist at Accord Cine Fest and my latest short drama Paradise- currently in the festival circuit with awards in Best Drama Short Film at the Onyko Films Awards and Best Drama Short Film and Best Director at Inside Film Festival.

I currently work freelance between London, UK, Bulgaria, and USA.



Besides all the classic techniques, I’m constantly developing and improving a handful of unique ones.
Your project will always stand out!



I work well with artists of all kinds- musicians, actors, and writers, communication is key for me to accommodate all needs and at the same time to give all my creative ideas and approaches possible.



There’s no challenge big enough for me, aside from time. But I always try my best to fit any schedule, planned ahead or at short notice.



You want a warm, positive, creative, infectious atmosphere for your project to be great, and I love to create and maintain it.



Each client has their own needs, therefore every shoot should be unique. That’s why we need to talk about your project before I can give you a quote.