It's A Girl!

A short psychological drama about the relationship between a mother and her child. Exploring assigned gender, gender roles, and what is expected by the family. Mother’s desire to have a girl instead of the boy she has, turns into a sinister obsession where she drugs her son every day in order to keep him away from reality.


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Under The Skin

Winner, Best Factual, RTS Scotland Student Awards 2015.

A moving film in which the anonymous central character describes the harrowing details of life with an eating disorder. L has suffered this condition for many years, and reveals what brought her to this point, along with her hopes and dreams for a brighter future.

As well as L’s articulate, emotional account, professional experts discuss the reality of life for the many thousands who endure eating disorders.

Podsnappery: A Question of Conception

Sir Jack, a young aspiring magician deteriorates as he works to become the next Harry Houdini. However, with increasing pressure from the household of his estranged Royal wife, Gwendolyn, and the opening night of a show looming on the horizon, Jack finds himself in a sticky situation and he is forced to choose between magic and love. Podsnappery, referring to a character Mr. Podsnap in Charles Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend (1864-1865), in which this word was also coined. Podsnap was ‘conscious that he set a brilliant social example in being particularly well satisfied with most things, and, above all other things, with himself’.

Winner at Creation International Film Festival, 2018, Best Score.

Best Friends Forever Version 9

When a woman loses her best friend she goes on the hunt for a new one.

Get In Now

Toby a young affluent, smart white man is invited back to his African – Caribbean girlfriend’s (Monique) parents stately home to meet them for the first time and discovers the family is more than they seem.


A short social commentary on the comparison between stop & search and being robbed.


A man meets up with his online date in a park. They struggle to have a real conversation and find that they are more comfortable communicating through messages.

Embodied Psychic Life in a Neoliberal State of Surveillance

The film provides a compelling and creative account of the manner in which surveillance, including surveillance technologies, are complicit in our internalisation of gender norms. The film weaves together a performance of everyday life under surveillance, academic and artist narratives that explore the psychosocial meanings of surveillance. The film provides a rich multifaceted account of how surveillance impacts everyday life paying particular attention to our gendered and sexualised selves and as such makes an intriguing contribution to debates surrounding gender identity.

Phone Play

An ordinary couple going to bed to have an early night with their valued possession – their individual mobile phone device. Undressed and ready for bed the couple proceed to swipe their phones to a climactic ending.

My Only Relative

Frank has a life changing Gold stash that was hidden in plain sight by his only living relative who is still serving out his jail time. Find My Only Relative Frank and you will find your gold. Except. My Only Relative is not your relative.

I Work in a Bank

Pretty Boy Zombie